Join Khmer Talks at ZAMAN UNIVERSITY

Here are the speakers for this even:

Chak Sopheap
Chak Sopheap is CCHR’s Executive Assistant. Sopheap holds an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Economics and a master’s degree in Internati onal Peace Studies, which she completed at the International University of Japan. Sopheap runs the Cambodian Youth Network for Change, which mobilizes young activists around the country for greater civic engagement. She is also a contributing author for Glo bal Voices Online and Future Challenges.

“Dr. Layheng Ting - Tittle of Talks: “Never Give Up: Why is it important to keep your dreams alive?”
Dr. Ting currently is an executive director of PEPY, an international non-governmental organization registered in the USA and Cambodia. She received her MA and Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Policy from the University at Albany, State University of New York, U.S.A. Dr. Ting’s dream has always been to help improve the quality of education in her country, and the place that needs it most is the rural Cambodia. She has a really strong passion in serving those who are less fortunate. One of her most memorable work experiences was working with a non-profit organization helping refugee and disadvantaged population in Albany, New York. Starting as a volunteer to help teach English, math, and life skills to new arrival refugee children in Albany and later becoming an executive director for the organization, she has learned so much from the job during the few years she was studying and working in America, and her desire has grown stronger to help serve such a population.”

Chy Sila - Tittle of Talks: “
Chy Sila, a 35-year-old entrepreneur who runs Phnom Penh’s home-grown restaurant empire including BB World, Pizza World and T&C World.
It has been nearly twenty years since Chy Sila began his upward climb in the business world. His first job was as a tour guide in the early 1990s. He began to save money during his two years giving tours through Phnom Penh and Siem Riep, but soon decided that the job did not offer the freedom or opportunity for upward movement that he wanted. His next career move was to an advertising agency, which he says provided holistic advertising consulting. There he learned how to create a brand, a skill that would be very useful when he began to build some of the most recognizable companies in the city.
In 1997, he began his first business, with his partner Kouch Sokly. And from there he began many other businesses. At his talk he will share more about his stories that can inspire many young people to take actions to improve their live and community that they live in.

Choun Sovannary - Tittle of Talks: “I do what I can

Sovannary is a high school student in the Prey Veng province. Although, she is really young compare to most speakers and other achievers in Phnom Penh, but her work has a great potential to help improve her community and other lives around her.
Sovannary dreams to be a director of an organization that works in the community development. So far, she has been involved in many activities in social development and youth development program such as KYA, YCC, Ofxam Q, HCC, Youth Star Cambodia Organization. She is honored by many of youth in her community, her team, and local authority because of her works.

Soluy Hansen : មនុស្សក្នុងក្តីស្រមៃ
Soluy was born on Jan 17, 1989 in Siem Reap province. She went to USEA (Univresity of Southeast Asia) university in Siem Reap in 2008 for three years. She was trained as an English-speaking tour guide in Siem Reap province in 2007. Besides the job, Soluy has initiated a lot of tours to Preah Vihear temple that involves a lot of adventures and trekking. She freelances as a photographer for the Phnom Penh Post, one of the leading English newspapers and Cambodian Scene Magazine. Khmer boxing and AFL footy are her passions. She is also working for Angkor Ads web Design Company, and sometimes teaches a sign language to mute people while playing football. Soluy is a traveler by heart, and has taken several adventurous trips. The latest one reveals that Soluy slept for three days straight at a bus station in Thailand as a backpacker with a little money, and is planning more low-budget and more adventurous trips in the future.

Sar Udom – Title of the Talk: The secret of Self Discipline
Udom is a sha reholder of an event promotion and management company called Mango Rain. He has started up with no capital but only the brain and effor t. Beside his work, he is currently do a part time business of selling Bio Disc, and a member of an active Mastermind Club. He has learnt from successful person, Ms. Eileen Lui, about Self-Disciplines. He has this lesson for his personal life and possessional life. Udom wants to share with other young people how Self-Discipline has change his life, create more opportunities and a machine that move him toward his success.

Chhon Chhea Yut – Tittle of Talks: ” Responsible Tourism in Cambodia”
Yut have been working as a licensed Tour Guide in Siem Reap and throughout Cambodia for almost five years, which is totally different from what he had learned and experienced from his degree in Buddhist Literature when he was a monk. Now he is part of PEPY TOURS as a PEPY TOURS Tour Guide in Siem Reap, Cambodia.
He always thinks and believes that tourism brings a lot of incomes and positive change to the people and its own small kingdom without realizing and seeing the negative impact of it towards his own people and his beloved country.
Until two years ago, when he had met, worked and learned with the most inspiring and knowledgeable founder of PEPY RIDE AND PEPY TOURS, Daniela Papi Ruby, who have always been motivating him about Responsible Tourism with perspectives and thoughts over how people live, travel and give in a responsible way. Through these valuable knowledge and experiences over responsible travels or tourism give him a dream of his own responsible tour company ” ANGKORWALKERS”.

Hoem Sieha
He recently works as a socioeconomic reporter and researcher for Economics Today Magazine, a bi-weekly economics magazine in Cambodia. He had a long-time expeirence in education and teaching English. Seiha has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from the Institute of Cambodia.

The Cambodian Space Project Ban​d (CSP)
The stratospheric rise of The Cambodian Space Project has caught those witnessing the spectacle of this cosmic cross-culture rock band (CSP) as it blasts across the dusty highways of Cambodia by surprise. In Cambodia, The CSP has landed like an unexpected meteor and has made an immediate impact on enthusiastic local audiences with its festival-like live shows. To date, the CSP has performed in venues ranging from chic city clubs to rural villages, schools and orphanages, even an elephant’s 50th birthday party! For the musicians, The Cambodian Space Project is a troupe bonded not only by the diversity of its members’ backgrounds but by an artistic vision to bridge cultures while exploring new musical frontiers. The CSP has been invited to perform in France, Hong Kong, China, Macau, Australia and most recently toured USA.

Imsouchivy SUOS
Imsouchivy SUOS is now studying at United World College. LPC UWC is one of 13 UWCs all around the world and offer 2 years education to 250 students from from all around the world (about 110 nationalities). Chivy has engaged in cultural exchange programs. He participated in many projects conducted in various countries on behalf of Cambodia. He has also attended many other special UWC events in France and this coming summer he is going to attend two other events in Turkey and India. During his summer vacation, Chivy regularly comes back to Cambodia and work as a volunteer with a group of his friends and teachers at an anti-trafficking organization ”AFESIP” in Cambodia.
Right after his graduate from UWC, Imsouchivy has already got offers a full scholarship from a few developed countries, but he chose to continue his further education at Luther College which is a quite competitive university for international students around the world.

Rithea Phichith

Now 23 years old, Rithea was born at Battambang province where he finished high school at 2006. He later came to Phnom Penh to pursue his higher education. Now, Rithea is a 5th year medical student at University of Health Sciences. He also likes arts, especially film making, so besides his medical studies, he volunteers as a member of “Kon Khmer Koun Khmer” which is a self-sustained team of young students and artists with a main focus on film production and arts management. Since 2010, he has directed one film called “Boyfriend”.
During the “KhmerTalks”, Rithea would like to present a topic related to his volunteerism commitment and interest, both in arts, especially in film production as well as medical field.

Khieu Borin
Khieu Borin has more than 21 years working in public and private sectors. Borin is one of the Editorial Board Members for the Cambodian Journal of Agriculture (CJA), the Referee for the International Electronic Journal ‘Livestock Research for Rural Development, a Steering Committee member for the Mekong Agricultural Research Network (MEKARN) and Board of Directors for several NGOs. Khieu Borin was born in 1963 and married with 2 children. Borin did his Bachelor degree in Animal nutrition in Cuba from 1982-1987, his Master degree in Biology in Tropical Animal System in Upsala, Sweden from 1994-1996 and his Doctoral Degree in Animal Science at the same University in Sweden from 2001-2005.
Upon his return from Cuba in 1987, he worked at the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries and from 1989 he started to work with International NGOs and development agencies in Cambodia and abroad. In 1996 upon completing his MSc. degree, Borin started to work more as freelance consultant for ADB, WB, GTZ, IFAD, USAID, AusAID, etc, but at the same time he taught at the Royal University of Agriculture. In 1997, Borin with his foreign partners established the Tropical University of Agriculture and later changed to the Centre for Livestock and Agriculture Development (CelAgrid) which is currently implementing projects in more than 300 villages in Cambodia. CelAgrid is one of leading local NGOs and it employs more than 35 staff of who most has background on agriculture.
After serving about 14 years as the Director of CelAgrid and the principle founder of this NGO, now he handed over the leadership responsibility to new director and become an adviser to this NGO. Borin is now an Entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Domnak Teuk Group – a company which is dealing with agribusiness specialized at this moment on rice value chain and export.

Srun Srorn
Mr. Srun Srorn was born in a poor family amongst other poorest family living South of Cambodia. His father, Tuy Srun, is 76 years old and mother, Meach Pot, 67. They both are farmers. Mr Srorn has 10 sisters and 4 brothers including him. He is the ninth son. He is a human rights activist and has worked for nearly a decade advocating for the rights of women and children, sex workers, drug users, people living with HIV and the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender community. He has supported Khmer for Khmer Group (K4K) with mission “Education by Choice not by Chance”. He has organized the Gay Pride festival in Phnom Penh and across the country for five years, and has developed MSM need research and policy with the National AIDS Authority. He has writen a book “The Coming Out in the Kingdom: Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender People in Cambodia”. Mr. Srun has degrees in Accounting from the University of Cambodia and the National Institute of Business, where he is currently a Masters student of Business Management.

Sok “Cream” Visal
Born on October 21st, 1971 in Phnom penh Cambodia, Visal and his family left Cambodia before the Khmer Rouge took over the country. His family restarted their life in France where they lived for almost 15 years. This is where he nurtured a talent for art forms like drawing, photography, and music, and later blend these talents with a fast growing sub-culture called Hip Hop.He decided to come back to Cambodia right after the UNTAC-installed election.
After getting involved in government work, teaching French and working for private companies, Visal started to freelance as a designer and produce some music, especially Khmer Hip Hop music of which he mixed Khmer pop songs with Hip Hop beats.
KlapYaHandz,  the music label he founded in 2005, has numerous fans all over the World, and has man y independent artists under its wings: Pou Khlaing, Adda, Lisha, Nen Tum, One. The label promotes Cambodia, Peace, love and unity between Khmer people, creativity, originality, through its multiplatform works including urban arts (graffiti, paintings), and performing arts (dance and theater). He is in charge of managing artists, producing music, mixing and mastering music, shooting and editing music videos, and promoting the label.
In 2009, Visal created 391 Films that produce TV Commercials, corporate videos and animation, serving clients like ANZ, Cellcard, Sabay, BBW, SCA, Naga, Hydrology and recently international company like Louie Vuitton (with Angelina Jolie),
Canal +, 6 billions of others project, INRAP, and a long feature called ”Billion Star Hotel” of French Director Quentin Clausin (to be released in 2012). Visal will be 40 years old this year. But his forties, will be his better twenties…
Ngok Sinat – Tittle of Talks: Life, Music and Education
Sinat is a student at Cambodian Living Art CLA. In addtion, Sinat is also a student of Secondary School of Fine Art. Beside is study time, he is also an art teacher at Asisa Center in Phnom Penh. Sinat wants to share how important it is of arts for life and education.So his talks will be invovled life, music, and Education.



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