Dynamic Resource Map

Live Data, Anywhere, Anytime.

The challenge: Organizations need to track resources  such as facilities, people’s capacity, stock levels, etc and share this information, and visualize it geo-spatially. Unfortunately, high-end GIS services are expensive and hard to use, lack inclusive collaboration features, and are not designed around the needs of mobile
workers. This technology helps people track their work, resources and results geographically in a simple and collaborative environment that can be accessed from anywhere. You can create shared or private maps; see and update the information anytime, and perform queries and updates even over SMS (such as getting the free bed availability in the nearest 3 clinics). This project was announced in late 2009 and has been developed in our iLab in Cambodia as an open-source Ruby project; is already integrated with mobile platform for updates and queries, and beta users are providing us useful feedback every day! Email us if you want to try out the early version and influence the agile design process.

For more information, please go to the Resource Map Website by clicking here.


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